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The GreenFleet Capital Arrive ‘N’ Drive and Fuel Challenge proved that low and zero emission vehicles offer a greener, cheaper way for fleet vehicles to operate around London. The Guildhall Yard in London EC2 was host to the 2007 event, sponsored by Transport for London and GlobalLive, and featured an impressive display of cleaner transport options.

These included zero emission delivery vehicles from Modec, electric car charging posts from EDF Energy and Elektromotive, a hydrogen powered BMW and the Aixam Mega, which was featured on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ as competing teams battled to sell coffee in Islington.

Other manufacturers on display included Vectrix, Toyota, Honda, Citroen and The Nice Car Company. Intelligent Energy displayed the ENVbike, the world first purpose built fuel cell motorcyle, while new vehicle rental company Green Motion displayed hybrid Lexus and Prius models. Green Motion will also be the first rental company to offer the VW Polo Bluemotion, which runs on Low Sulphur Diesel and is available from October.

The Capital Fuel Challenge was set off by Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron (Chair of the London Hydrogen Partnership) with each of the participants navigating their way through London traffic to pick up objects from each of four checkpoints in the correct order. A range of competing fuel types included petrol, diesel, bio-ethanol, electric and hybrid petrol/electric. As soon as the vehicles returned, they were quickly transported to Millbrook Proving Ground, where they will be independently tested to determine the amount of CO2 that was produced by the journey. For electric vehicles, the calculation will take account of the amount of CO2 generated by their charging cycle.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists were also on hand to offer ten tips on how to drive ‘greener’. Examiner Lloyd Brown briefed all fuel challenge entrants before they set off.

And here are some of the winners ;

*Alternative Fuel Supplier of the Year: Rix Biodiesel
*Car Manufacturer of the Year: Citroen
*Industry Innovation Award: Elektromotive
*Dealership of the Year: Evans Halshaw
*Electric Vehicle of the Year: Modec
*Green Motoring Journalist of the Year: Richard Bremner, cleangreencars.co.uk
*Tfl Public Sector Fleet of the Year: London Borough of Islington
*Lifetime Achievement Award: Lord Oxburgh, D1 Oils

… well, fewer at any rate.

Westminster launches free electric vehicle charging points.

Westminster City Council has launched the UK’s only free on-street charging points for electric vehicles in a pioneering move aimed at boosting environmentally friendly travel.

The exciting pilot project, if successful, will lead to more charging points across the capital making it ever more practical and convenient to drive electric cars.

There are currently 48 free car charging points in 13 council-run Masterpark car parks across the City of Westminster. For the first time though the two new charging points (NB. pilot scheme) will be placed at on street parking bays in Wellington Street and Southampton Street in Covent Garden.

More here.


[1]. London Hydrogen Partnership
[2]. Vectrix Maxi Scooter
[3]. VW Polo Bluemotion for hire from Green Motion.

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We all throw away tetra paks into our bins rather than recycle them because we’ve been told they’re not recyclable. Well, that’s no longer true. Tetra Pak are taking certain actions to make this possible. They began by recruiting a National Recycling Officer in 2006 and now help fund local authority recycling initiatives.

Their site says, ‘Tetra Pak’s National Recycling Officers, are here to help local authorities that want to start collections. To support them with this, Tetra Pak and the carton industry under ACE UK (Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment UK) have also created a £1.2 million National Recycling Fund.

NEW! To achieve rapid roll-out, we and our partners at ACE UK are now offering a cost neutral bring bank solution to all local authorities that are not yet collecting cartons.’

To find out more click here.

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Contour bunding
is a fairly simple method of retaining topsoil and moisture and is one of several methods being used with significant effect to re-green the Sahara.

It consists of placing lines of stones along slopes and contours on the land to help rainfall soak in, and to stop topsoil washing away.

And that is helping to transform thousands of hectares into productive fields – where nothing grew just a decade ago.

This story has been going around the various media channels for some time popping up every now and then. Good news and positive techniques like contour bunding need coverage because there are relatively simple and inexpensive solutions out there for African farmers located in and around the Sahara.

The technique is explained here.

A report on the success of re-greening the Sahara here.

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WRAP works in partnership to encourage and enable businesses and consumers to be more efficient in their use of materials and recycle more things more often. This helps to minimise landfill, reduce carbon emissions and improve our environment.

Check out the links below;

Working with Consumers

Recycling in the Garden

Working with Schools


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North Harringay Primary School's roof garden

Something closer to home and my heart is my kids school. It’s an amazingly diverse community where over 60 languages are spoken. Recently the school won a Greenest School Award within our London borough. We went to a special ceremony to receive the award.

The important thing here is that no one person drives the energy, ideas, focus and commitment that has produced so many environment projects within the school. Many people are involved and once one person starts up an idea another joins in and so on. The commitment to the school and it’s environment is almost a natural and spontaneous thing.

What makes this easier is the staff and parent’s commitment to the children. If people could only focus on the importance of our ‘future generations’ in other areas of our communities then I think more and more environment related projects, especially at community level, would roll off the production line.

So, what has the school achieved? Well now, hold onto your seats!;

* Solar panels installation
* Roof garden
* Recycling paper & cardboard
* Recycling shoes & clothes
* Recycling printer & photocopier cartridges
* Walk to School Week
* New cycle shelter parking
* Early Years fruit garden
* Composting
* Small wind turbine
* Energy saving fluorescents

Let us know if we have missed anything! You can understand we are very proud of our achievements but, the greatest thing of all is it comes naturally and we enjoy doing it. 🙂

North Harringay Primary School's solar panels arranged by the Site manager :)

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