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A gold rush of new investment into renewable power over the past 18 months has led the United Nations to conclude that clean energy could provide almost a quarter of the world’s electricity by 2030.

More than £35bn was injected into wind and solar power and biofuels in 2006, 43% more than the preceding year. Sustainable energy accounts for only 2% of the world’s total but the UN says 18% of all power plants under construction are in this sector.

The findings, outlined in the Global Trends in Sustainable Development annual review, represent a challenge to the received wisdom among energy experts that green power is likely to play only a marginal part in the energy mix until at least the second half of the century.

Says UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner: “One of the new and fundamental messages of this report is that renewable energies are no longer subject to the vagaries of rising and falling oil prices-they are becoming generating systems of choice for increasing numbers of power companies, communities and countries irrespective of the costs of fossil fuels.

“The other key message is that this is no longer an industry solely dominated by developed country industries. Close to 10 per cent of investments are in China with around a fifth in total in the developing world. We will need many sustained steps towards the de-carbonizing of the global economy. It is clear that in respect to renewables those steps are getting underway.”

More on the UNEP report here.

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A mainstream animal conservation campaign by a powerhouse media organisation like the BBC is to be welcomed with open arms …. and willing credit card!

The ‘Saving Planet Earth’ campaign concentrates on some of the most endangered species and is promoted via a series of 1/2 hour slots on BBC1 at the moment. Each programme looks at the perilous state of a different animal and are fronted by a different celebrity.

Tonight’s programme was about the tiger in India where Fiona Bruce, a well known BBC news reader, went to find out what can be done with donors money to improve tiger numbers, currently and shockingly hovering around just 2000 in number! Tigers need a large forest and grass range, preferably without human villages within.

The solution is to purchase a large area of forest in southern India and to relocate people living within it. Those people can only volunteer to leave but, are incentivised with a new home in a newly constructed village that has all modern amenities. They have been happy to move and have the added bonus of getting away from the tigers who do attack sometimes.

A strong and clear campaign asking for our money.

I’ve done just that on behalf of my family. Hope you will too! 🙂

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