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The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), based in the United States have come up with the Renewable Electricity Standards Toolkit. It provides a central point for anyone interested in finding out what registered states are doing and planning to do with investment for renewable energy.

This gives us an clearer picture about what is happening on the ground, which is not often reported within the mainstream media. We can search state standards here for example and on that page I chose to look at ‘Targets and timetables’. Here there is a good summary of what each registered state has achieved and is aiming to do by a certain target date.

This site is packed with useful information and presents it in a readable format. Overall, it presents a picture that the US is driving forward its renewable energy remit.

To add to this you can also go to the US Department of Energy website and take a look at the current news on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy , state by state. There’s a lot going on.

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