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Hell, ya can even recycle your oyster shells state side.

RecyclingMarkets.net gives you access to North America’s Most Comprehensive searchable database of more than 17,000 companies involved in the Recycling Process throughout the USA and Canada.

This database is divided into the following two sections; those that will do the recycling for you and the comapnies turning recycled material back into useful products:

* Over 16,000 brokers, dealer/processors, collectors and consumers of recyclable materials
* All major recycling commodities and special materials
* Membership / Subscription options

* Over 5,000 cross-referenced, certified listings of manufacturers and distributors of recycled, re-manufactured, reused and reprocessed products.
* Over 1,000 recycled product classifications.
* Product listings conform with RPG Certification Criteria.

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image: Malcolm Baker Furniture Design

We know reusing is better. Some people use door step milk delivery not only to support their local milkman but also because your empties are reused. Before plastics salesmen invaded Europe glass was the packaging of choice for liquids and many other products. Reuse therefore was common practise. Not any more.

The plastics invasion has spawned a whole host of small to medium sized businesses looking to make use of all the recycled plastics. One such company is Smile Plastics.

Recycled plastics sheets have been used extensively all over the world including the Idèe showroom and golf driving range roofing in Japan (Klein Dytham), Body Shop and Blanco fashion shops throughout Spain (Fern Green). The Science Museum, Design Museum, V & A and the Tate Gallery have all used it in different capacities. Images here.

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FareShare is the national charity working to relieve food poverty by providing quality food and other support services to organisations working with disadvantaged people in the community. FareShare works with over 100 food businesses to minimise food waste by providing practical solutions to help ensure that the maximum amount of ‘fit for purpose’ food is consumed wherever possible.

In 2005 2,000 tonnes of food was saved from being wasted. This food was distributed to a community food network of 300 organisations. This food contributed to over 3.3 million meals to 12,000 disadvantaged people each day in 34 cities and towns across the UK. As well as also providing 250 work and volunteers placements last year, £5 million was saved by the network of local charities, which was reinvested into the community.

Research by the Royal College of Physicians has shown that at least three in five homeless people have no daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Many day centres and homeless people themselves simply cannot afford a regular supply of high quality fresh food. At the same time, due to stringent company policies, food retailers and wholesalers are throwing away huge amounts of good quality food. This waste frustrates many food suppliers, but they do not have the means to arrange and co-ordinate its distribution.

The food is either collected in refrigerated vans or delivered direct to a FareShare depot where it is sorted and distributed to hostels and day centres according to their needs.

To help by donation or by volunteerng your time click here.

Fareshare’s home page is here, with lots of very interesting information.

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This month the top search is for McDonald’s, followed by (Norwegian) grass roofs.

I’ve noticed a significant number of people searching for local information on recycling so putting this type of info onto the web is obviously needed. ‘Effective communication is key to enabling people to implement environment solutions‘ says the cow. 🙂

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We all throw away tetra paks into our bins rather than recycle them because we’ve been told they’re not recyclable. Well, that’s no longer true. Tetra Pak are taking certain actions to make this possible. They began by recruiting a National Recycling Officer in 2006 and now help fund local authority recycling initiatives.

Their site says, ‘Tetra Pak’s National Recycling Officers, are here to help local authorities that want to start collections. To support them with this, Tetra Pak and the carton industry under ACE UK (Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment UK) have also created a £1.2 million National Recycling Fund.

NEW! To achieve rapid roll-out, we and our partners at ACE UK are now offering a cost neutral bring bank solution to all local authorities that are not yet collecting cartons.’

To find out more click here.

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Can’t believe I didn’t think of a ‘solutions’ approach for the environment before. It’s so obvious isn’t it, yet I guess understandably we get bound up with the many crisises surrounding us. Solutions to those problems are however the only way forward and I can see there’s a lot of interest out there for this.

The blog hit 2000 end of August with my post on the Grass Roofs of Norway catching the most interest. Practical information such as that found within my posts on recycling have also proved popular.

Anyway, onwards & upwards! 🙂

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