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Watch this! Seeing the reactions of everyday commuters on the London underground is wonderful. Full marks to these, no doubt, art students for pulling off their delicious stunt. 🙂

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North Harringay Primary School's roof garden

Something closer to home and my heart is my kids school. It’s an amazingly diverse community where over 60 languages are spoken. Recently the school won a Greenest School Award within our London borough. We went to a special ceremony to receive the award.

The important thing here is that no one person drives the energy, ideas, focus and commitment that has produced so many environment projects within the school. Many people are involved and once one person starts up an idea another joins in and so on. The commitment to the school and it’s environment is almost a natural and spontaneous thing.

What makes this easier is the staff and parent’s commitment to the children. If people could only focus on the importance of our ‘future generations’ in other areas of our communities then I think more and more environment related projects, especially at community level, would roll off the production line.

So, what has the school achieved? Well now, hold onto your seats!;

* Solar panels installation
* Roof garden
* Recycling paper & cardboard
* Recycling shoes & clothes
* Recycling printer & photocopier cartridges
* Walk to School Week
* New cycle shelter parking
* Early Years fruit garden
* Composting
* Small wind turbine
* Energy saving fluorescents

Let us know if we have missed anything! You can understand we are very proud of our achievements but, the greatest thing of all is it comes naturally and we enjoy doing it. 🙂

North Harringay Primary School's solar panels arranged by the Site manager :)

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In my youth I grew up under the nuclear spell of the cold war. Today’s youth have climate change to think about. Both are very weighty issues because they involve the survival of large parts of the human species. Climate change is however different from that of the nuclear cold war because it is happening whereas the nuclear war obviously never happened.

It’s today’s youth that have the best chance to make the necessary societal changes finally happen because they are growing up with the issues, the understanding, the education.

Here’s another website helping them along;

youthinformation.com , the information toolkit for young people.

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